Notary Services

**Student Legal Service will be suspending its notary public service until further notice.**

Please refer to our Notary Services Handout for information about notarizations and how to to locate a notary.



[Note: The information below is not currently accurate, as we have suspended our notary services at this time.]

SLS offers notary services to University of Minnesota students, staff, and faculty. Please bring your University of Minnesota ID card if you plan to utilize our notary services. 

We provide these services on a walk-in basis with the exception of the I-9 Employment Verification form and notarizations involving five or more documents, which both require an appointment.

Our notary services are available Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 3:30pm.


Common Notarial Acts and What to Expect


Acknowledgements, Signature Witnessings, and Jurats

For documents that require notarization, the notary will first verify your identity and determine that you are willfully signing the document. You will sign the document in front of the notary and he/she will complete the notary certificate.
Examples: Power of Attorney forms, affidavits, absentee ballots, etc.


Copy Certifications

For certifying or attesting documents, the notary will first verify your identity and determine that you are the custodian (owner) of the presented documents. If you are able, please make a photocopy of the document and bring the original. You must bring in the original document so the notary can determine whether the photocopy is an accurate reproduction. If you are unable to make the copy, the notary will make copies of the original documents.
Examples: Passports, Driver’s Licenses, I-20s, etc.

What to Bring

  • Government Issued Identification or Photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • Unsigned Documents to be notarized
  • Original Document(s) and, if possible, copies of the document(s) you want certified (if you are requesting certified copies)


Other Information

Minnesota Notaries that are not attorneys cannot provide legal advice or assist with completing legal forms. There are several Minnesota Statutes that affect notarial acts, including Chapters 357, 358, 359, and 609. For more information about Minnesota Notaries, visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website.

If you have questions about our notary services, send us an email at or call (612) 624-1001.